Meet Mike Lee

Congress should not put off spending cuts

December 13, 2013

In an appearance on Fox News, Senator Lee explained that he opposes the budget deal because it takes needed spending cuts approved with bipartisan support and puts them off for 10 years.

Americans will be left out in the cold because of Obamacare

December 11, 2013

Senator Lee joined Sean Hannity to discuss the Ryan-Murray budget agreement and the lack of oversight and accountability in the Obama administration over the rollout of Obamacare.

Reid's filibuster change is a shameless power grab

November 22, 2013

Senator Lee joined Sean Hannity to talk about the shift of power that occurred in the Senate as Democrats eliminated the filibuster for executive-level and court nominees.

Sad day for the Senate as Democrats try to distract from Obamacare

November 21, 2013

Senator Lee talked with Doug Wright of KSL about the unprecedented power grab carried out by Democrats to eliminate the filibuster for executive nominees, robbing the rights of the minority in the chamber.

Republicans can do more to help stop Obamacare

November 19, 2013

Senator Lee says that the problems that have surfaced with Obamacare in recent week underscore why the fight to defund the law was so important.